Book 101-105

What can I say about this post?

(What on earth is eating the neck of the person playing cards above?)

(For some reason,
the above cover makes me think of Bloom County,
when all of the critters climb on
the wheelchairs guy's chair
(Sorry, it's been awhile, can't think of his name.)
and have adventures.)

(Omg, a gremlin?! Really??!!)

Besides the small side comments,
I guess there isn't much else to say.
But clearly,
Gary Trudeau is taking the
"Repeat Offender Runnings"
very seriously.

I've put a small poll up on the sidebar
where you can vote for who you think will be
The Worst Repeat Offender.
(Although, right now
it's pretty much a vote for or against Trudeau.)
I'll be updating the polls about once a month or so,
and I hope to come up with a tracking sheet soon, too.