Books 96-100

Today is one of those special blog days.
It's exciting.
I don't know about all of you, but I'm sitting on the edge of my seat.
(Okay, not literally.
That's uncomfortable.)
But we're here.
We made it.

The hundredth book post
(And we still haven't even gotten off the first book case.)
I don't know about you,
but I'm excited.
Let's begin the count-down, er-

Book 96
Our first book today has the most thrilling,
and inventive title ever.

That is,
it's thrilling, creative, and inventive
if you collect lint.
(P.S. Mum, ANM, you can fight over this one, too.
Not sure who's it is,
but I'm guessing,
that it's one of yours.)

Book 97
With this next book,
Trudeau getting ready to place himself in the Repeat Offender Runnings.
(Yes, I just officially named
the contest for repeat offenders.
And, once I figure out how Blogger might let me keep track of contestants,
I'll put the names up.)
We'll be seeing more of him in a few posts.
Yes, I can see the future.

(P.P.S. Dad, the above book is yours, right?)

Book 98
Not sure who owns this next book,
though for some reason I think my mother may have suggested I read this.
That could be completely wrong,
She could have suggested I read some other book with a skull-face on it.
Maybe it was a Dean Koontz.
(Who I have a signed letter from, btw.)
I digress.

My guess is this book was written by a member of the
Maryland Writer's Association,
mainly because it looks like the post-it note is signed by the author.

Book 99
So, apparently this next book is
"a love story for and about adults."
I don't know about you,
but whenever I hear the term
"Bleeding Hearts"
I think:

"Ugh, get over yourself."
But that's just me.
It could be a perfectly good book,
for and about adults
(but maybe not by adults.)

And now...
It's time.
Here it is.
The hundredth book.

Book 100...

And it's really lame.
And not a very good book.
I know this not just from the sappy cover,
but because this one is/was mine
(if it still counts as mine,
I don't want it anymore)
from when I was about 10 or something.
I thought it was dumb then,
and I still don't care about it now.

I'm sorry,
I should have mixed up the order of books on the shelves,
though that would have been cheating.

Oh well,
now we all get to look forward to Book 200.