Books 86-90

Slightly amused by this one...

...but it could just be because this is the first intentional decapitation we've seen so far.

As for this next book...

...way to be obvious.
I'm pretty sure none of us would have gotten the whole
"cart before the horse" thing
if they hadn't written it at the top.
As it is, I'm pretty sure that counts as a saying,
not slang.

Wow, Steven Martin.
Just wow.

Is it just me,
or does this next cover look like a bit of a downer?

I'm definitely not getting the whole joyous aspect.

Our last book is actually a little, pocket-sized book.
Not that you can really tell that from the scan.

I'm rather amused by the "accept no substitute" blurb.
If I ever get published,
I may have something similar printed on the cover.
Which, of course, will be complete nonsense since I'm writing novels,
not phrase books.

Ok, end of post.