Books 51-55

Blogger, I hate you.
Yesterday you wouldn't load any of my photos at all.
Today you keep telling me you have an "internal error"
whenever I try to load the special bonus photo.*
Now I have to write a description to describe the bonus image instead of just posting it.
You suck.

Moving on on.
This book seems a bit excessive to me.
And slightly rude.
Why is it is a hippo eating too much chocolate?
Why isn't it some other animal, like a crane or a deer?
Are you trying to say something about people who eat chocolate, Ms. Boynton?
That's not very polite.
Miss. Manners would not approve.
Plus, it worries me that there might actually be "research" inside the book.
(P.S. I may still be irritable from dealing with Blogger's miserable,
photo up-loader.
Just saying.)

This next book I know nothing about.
I do like the cover, though.
I may inspect it further next time I'm bored and have nothing to read.
No clue who's book it might be or where it might have come from.

*This is where the bonus photo would have been.
If Blogger gets over its lame self and actually loads photos properly,
I will update the post with the missing photo later.
The scanned image was of a blank card with an envelope.
The picture was a drawing of cats having a picnic on a beach and flying a kite.
The name "Bob" was written in the lower right corner.
I think it was/is the artist's name.
Inside, it said "Keep looking up."
The envelope flap had sealed to the cover of the card
from years of sitting pressed between two large books
in a warm environment (i.e. the third floor).
The whole thing is unusable, but cute.
I really hate you, Blogger.

This next book is a civil war story.
I bet you couldn't guess that from the cover.
I'm not big on civil war stories,
so let's move on.

Our old friend,
Sholom Aleichem,
returns with another book.
I'm beginning to think he's attempting to become the official writer/mascot of this blog.
But for all we know, he may have some fierce competition.
We haven't even gotten through one book case yet.
Thomas Hardy has a good several novels sitting around,
and I know we have at least three copies
- if not more -
of Love in the Time of Cholera.
Shall we starting a betting pool?
What author do you think will be the most frequent repeat offender?
Give it a guess and maybe I'll start a real pool.

Our last book of the day amazes me.
Actually, "amaze" doesn't even begin to cover it.
First, I laughed.
I laughed a lot.
And then I had some questions,
starting with:
and then moving onto: opposed to what?
...or where?
And how bizarre is that cover?
I know it's supposed to be a shofar,
but that rabbi seriously looks like he's smoking people and boats and trees.
Just wow.
Pretty sure this was my grandfather's.
Not sure where he got it. Or if someone gave it to him.
Either way, what on earth were they thinking?
I hope Richard Goldhurst got a new editor,
and new cover design artist,
and better titles after this book.

I apologize for my unruly, passive aggressive bitterness today.
And Richard Goldhurst,
wherever you are,
I'm sure your book is lovely and insightful.
This blog, for the most part, is all about judging books by their covers.
Please don't take my observations to heart.

And Google Blogger...
I still hate you.