Books 46-50

I don't have too much to say about our first book today.
I do remember reading a few stories
(not from this book)
about the people of Chelm growing up.
They weren't very smart.
But the stories were funny.

This next book just looks waaaaay too domestic for me.

The cover art on Gone and Back strikes me as a little odd.
Images are floating oddly in space over a boy's head.
Again, not really my type of book.
I'd spend the whole read worrying
that the boy would get crushed by the wagon hovering over his head.

This next book is my father's.
I vaguely remember him getting it years ago,
but I can't remember much of the details.
For all I know,
my sisters and I may have given it to him as a gift.

Sadly, our last book has no cover.
The binding, with the title on the side, has worn off, too.
As you can see, it's a book of animal comics.
If you decide to read it, you have no choice but to start on page 3.
Hopefully, pages 1 and 2 weren't that funny, anyway.

Spent the morning scanning a bunch of covers.
Got through a couple shelves.
That means I should be a bit better a posting...
for a little bit, at least.