Books 76-80

We have a Wordy Post today.

I've been sitting, trying to figure out this first book for a bit now.
I think it's an English to Weasel Dictionary,
Somehow I can't imagine a weasel willing getting into a suit.

Our next book is also pretty amusing.
It's nice to know there's a book out there to tell us what popular words it's okay to use.
Despite that,
I'm not a big lite beer fan,
give me a stout or an ale,
so I think I'll pass.
(P.S. Bonus points if you know who the purists are
listed at the bottom of the cover without looking them up on Wikipedia.
I sure as hell don't.)

I never thought of languages as being possibly psychotic
or having split personalities
until I saw this book cover.
Somehow I don't think that idea was
the author or the cover artist's intention.
Oh, well.
I like it and am sticking with it.

I'm just going to sit and laugh some more at this next book.
(Look, NN! Look! Omg, omg, omg!)
You all can insert your own comments on this one.
I'm just going to try to stop laughing.
It hurts.
Gasping for air.
It's too funny.

Okay, moving on.

So, I really had no clue what to write for this last book.
It looked really boring,
but the rule is I scan everything,
boring or not.
So I put it on the scanner and...

see those odd lines at the bottom of the scan?
That's my cat's paw.
Phebe decided the blue light of the scanner was a toy
and tried to bat it.
You can click the image to see it larger and get the full
I'm very proud of Phebe for that.
Not only did she participate in a blog post,
she gave me something to say about a boring book cover.

Okay, have a pleasant weekend.
Smiles! :)