Books 71-75

Let's take a moment to consider this first book.
Just read the title.
Then answer this question for me:

Did you laugh as hard as I did when you read the title?
Because I seriously laughed.
A lot.
I'm clearly a bad Jew.
Or I just ask the wrong questions.
(Although, maybe that question is in the book...
I'll admit, I didn't think to check.)

Next, we have another French book.
I like the cover, but,

"Non, je ne parle pas francais.
Je parle anglaise."

That goes for this next French textbook, too:

When I think of fun,
"crazy English"
doesn't exactly come to mind.
And "Fun and Games for Language Lovers" sounds like a depressing Friday night in.
Plus, I think the graphic designer stole the title font from the circus.

This last book has another serious problem...

It doesn't work if you can't speak or read English.