Books 66-70

Our first book today actually finishes up the plays we were looking at in the last post.
This play is not actually a book.
It is a folded stack of photocopied papers.
You can see the front page making a face at the scanner at the bottom of the image.

Book two might look interesting,
but it had a sticky back cover.
That negates intrigue.

Our new repeat offender,
makes another appearance.

I think this next book is a small literary magazine.
I wonder if they had a second volume.
"Free" either means your publication will do well
or you won't be able to afford to publish after the first couple issues.

our last copy has a semi-interesting picture,
even though the scanner didn't like the plastic book jacket.
I like the woman's shoe in the photo.
It looks like it would actually be comfortable to dance in.
I just hope she had a matching shoe for her other foot.