Books 61-65

We have several paperback plays today.
I believe these all came from my father's father.
I can't be sure,
I don't have his résumé,
but I think they're all plays he was in at one point or another.

If I remember correctly,
my father and my grandfather
both were in a production of this next one.
But who's Arnold?
And why is he writing on play covers?

The word "blithe" makes me smile.
I have no clue why.
It just does.

A small break from the plays...
This next book is a French encyclopedia,
I believe.
Petit Larousse also publishes French-English dictionaries.
There will be some French repeat offenses in the shelves to come.
You have been warned.

Normally I make sure the scans of book covers are well-cropped.
Our last play had a few extra papers sticking out.
They seemed intriguing, so I left them in for the scan.

And then I scanned one amazing flier for your enjoyment.

You can tell by the party time
("1:00 pm to the 6:30 call")
that this was a party for cast members.
Despite the decapitated lady at the top of the page
(Really, Grandma and Grandpa, how could you?),
this may become my new facebook profile image for a day or so.
Love the "frolic" and the "frivolity,"
I wonder if a wonderful time was had by all,
or if it rained?
The towel probably would have come in handy either way.