Books 36-40

... And we're back.

Let's jump right back into the swing of things with Trixie Belden.
I have no clue who Trixie is,
but she definitely seems to have a bit of a Nancy Drew vibe going on.
I bet they'd be friends if they met.

This lovely book,
so lonesome without a book jacket
or an embossed title,
is called Spinster.
The poor book seems like a bit of a neglected spinster in its own right.
So sad.

Thomas Hardy is one of my mother's favorite authors.
Don't be surprised if you see him again.
This is one of is many books I've meant to read,
but never gotten around to.

My parent's house has a good number of journals in it.
Being a family of writers/creative-ish people,
many people think journals are the perfect gift for us.
Because of this,
it can get confusing knowing who journals belong to.
This journal is blank except for a small note
(in my older sister's handwriting, I believe)
that says:
"Be prepared,
Security badge."
Curiosity ensues.

I really know nothing about this last book.
The picture is pretty,
but not very inspiring.
If I had to guess,
I would assume this book is about either
a) how flattering (i.e. gracious) black and white photography is
b) graveyard statues that look like they're wearing shorts.
I am very likely wrong about both theories.

Thanks, everyone or anyone who checked back after my long absence.