Books 31-35

This post marks the first of the repeat offenders.
Our old friend, City of God, returns, this time in paperback form.
It's nice to know whoever bought this copy only paid $4.99 for it.
Plus tax.

I grew up with next book. And the rest of the books in the series.
This is the story I think they should have filmed
instead of that latest, dumb remake of War of the Worlds.

I don't know this one.
It doesn't look very friendly.
I don't think it wants to be friends.

I did read this next book some years back.
Mostly because I was bored. And it was there.
It was good, but depressing.
That's always and awkward combination.

What good is any book collection without a little Virginia Woolf?
The famous authors are starting to appear in the book posts,
along with the repeat offenders.
I guess I should have called Sholom Aleichem a repeat offender the other day.
Oh well.
I'll just try to remember for the future.
I did like the movie The Hours. But I don't think I'll watch it again any time soon.
That's okay.