Books 26-30

Sorry, other more pressing activities kept me from scanning and posting.
(More pressing = watching British comedies on Hulu.)

The last Colette book is...

Our old friend Sholom Aleichem makes a reappearance.
Some how I don't think this will be the last we see of him.

There's something about omnibuses that amuses me.
I think it's because it sometimes seems like a ruse to sneak unpopular material in with popular materials.
Moliere could never be considered unpopular, though.
He has too much style.

I've never read anything by Anne Patchett.
I don't think the cover of this book is interesting enough to make me start.

Who knew Gone With the Wind had a sequel?
I did not.
Don't you love when the sequel to a book isn't even written by the same author?
I think that technically makes it fan fiction,
but that could just be my opinion.