Books 256-260

I'm feeling a little lackluster today,
so I can't promise I'll be very entertaining.

That said,

this is a pretty awkward cover.
It would probably be fine,
if not for the random building
stamped across those poor boys' heads.

Charlie Brown could probably identify with
my vagueness today.

That expression says it all.

My family has a lot of Firesign Theatre's records.
I remember listening to a few when I was younger.
They were pretty funny.

I'm not sure I get the humor in
a man and a rat
switching shadows.
I am uncultured.

I also don't get what's nasty about this book.
Or knowledge.

But Monty Python put their seal of approval on the cover,
so clearly it's money well spent.

This last book sort of horrifies me,
even though it's also by
Michael Palin and Terry Jones.

Something about the phrase
"ripping yarns"
just sounds wrong.
that monster is clearly knitting,
not ripping.