Books 261-265

Oh my.

Look at that face:

I think I'm going to nominate that face for
"Most Amazing Expression of All Time."
That's just priceless.

As for this book...

that's just kind of depressing.
I hope the comics inside are a little less bleak.
Check out the tag line:
"Cartoons that
'... cause folk to snort,
and make strange noises.
but these are noises of joy.'"
How do they know?
What if someone reading this had an epileptic fit?
Or was a drug addict?
Those are some pretty disturbing claims
when you think about it.

Imagine this next cover
devoid of any mention of cigarettes or smoking.

Gives a totally different message then,
doesn't it?
"I quit school...!"
"I quit my job...!"
"I quit the game with twenty seconds on the clock...!"
Remember, kids,
quitting is cool and it totally frees up your evenings.

We have a new repeat offender contender.

Mr. John Gardner
joins us with some pretty bad ass covers.
I've never read his stuff,
but his covers are interesting enough
I think I'd be willing to crack one open.

The side of this last cover has a crazy monster face on it.
Too bad for you
I only scan book covers.

I can't imagine a blog titled
"Sides of the Books on My Parents' Shelves"
going over too well.
You're not missing much.