Books 236-240

Hello, hello.
It's a new month,
and it's a new post,
and so there are new books.
Things just keep moving on around here,
don't they?

As for our first book,
this cover is about half right.

That's kind of crimson,
but not really.
The roses seem to be a bit lacking,
as in

This next book is titled
The Works of "Saki."
I'm not sure why
is in quotation marks.
But there you go.

Just look at that bright blue.
It's almost mesmerizing.
Especially since that imprint on the bottom
doesn't really look like anything.
Oh, wait.
That's a stain.
Never mind.

Mr. Dickens has joined us
with a couple books.
And because I can see the future
(i.e. I've already scanned some more of his books for future posts),
I can assure you he will return
with some of his more popular books.

In the meantime,
check out that skirt.
I think the circles look like eyeballs,
but that may be just me.

Mr. Dickens' second book today
might not look very exciting.

But it is.
Because it marks the end
of the first shelf
of the second bookcase.
Has it seemed like an incredibly long time since we started this shelf?
It should.
This shelf had two rows of books.
It's an impressive way to save space,
but it makes it really difficult to find books you want to read,
let alone scan.

Our final book of the day
is a magazine
and I don't even remember scanning it.

here it is.
I'm mildly amused.
Perhaps I can't remember scanning it
because I will never be able to reproduce the results...

I'm pretty sure I just didn't pay attention.