Books 251-255

Oh my.



This first cover.


That picture is me.

I don't have weird growths
coming out of my back normally.
This is the cover
from one of the issues
of the literary magazine
my mother publishes.
I totally forgot she used that picture.

Quick plug,
just because I can:
go here to find out more about Scribble.
Because it's awesome.

Moving on.

Can I just say how much
I miss
Calvin and Hobbes?

Not many comics these days
rise to the same level of quality.
Plus, a lot of comics these days are just flat out lame.
Just saying.

The mystery of the Obis folders has been solved.

They were experiments
or something
to do with kids
from when my dad
worked at the Smithsonian.
There was more to it than that,
but I don't really remember.
It was late when we talked,
and I was tired.

I remember flipping through
the Pogo books as a kid.

But I was too young to understand them.
Check out who wrote the intro,

I think Mr. Trudeau might be stalking this blog
through books.


Oh, I miss Bloom County.
So much.
I think we need to have a moment for this comic
and Calvin and Hobbes.

Let's all bow our heads
and pray
that the good comics of days gone by
come back
and tackle the living whatsits
out of all the unfunny comics.

You know who I'm talking about.
Family Circus.
Mary Worth.

how are these annoying cartoons still around?!