Books 241-245

This first title feels incomplete to me.
It sounds like a fragment sentence.
I have a horrible urge to try to complete it...

How to Do Everything Right... handed.
How to Do Everything Right... except cover design.
How to Do Everything Right... and in awkward bold and italic fonts.

Notice it's not followed by a book titled
How to Do Everything Wrong.

Moving on.
I came across some problems with this post.
Somehow I didn't label the scans properly
and there was no information about this next cover.

And while it looks like
one of my family's copies of
The Complete Works of Shakespeare
I think it's actually a blank journal
or something boring like that.
I can't check that right now.
If I'm right or wrong
I'll let you know.
Or not.
I tend to forget these things.

Next we have a boring study guide!

It's been a while since we've had something like this.
If you look closely,
that boy's torso is growing out of a keyboard.

Our last two covers aren't actually books.
They're magazines.
And since I secretly wish I could work for
The Onion News
I'll just give you my own captions,
because they're much more interesting than anything else I could think of to say.

Is your hedge plotting to kill you? Woman investigates by getting too close.

The surprising dos and don'ts of dry cleaning:
Why you shouldn't wear a fancy dress if you're planning on rolling around in the dirt.

Woman holds pose for hours in dumb photo shoot - feet fall asleep.

What doctors don't want you to know about accidentally gluing your hand to your cheek.

Woman airbrushed within an inch of her life
- and her remarkable recovery after the photo shoot!