Books 231-235

breathe easy.
I scanned more books.
We're good.

Ms. Tyler is back
with another novel.

Is it just me,
or does that table look more like
a regular kitchen table
than a restaurant table?
I have a keen, discerning eye
for these type of details -
silly, unimportant details,
that is.

Ms. Willa Cather
has decided to join the
repeat offender author ranks.

I really want there to be
a comma
or an apostrophe
next to that
I'm a traditionalist like that.

I am noticing a theme
with Ms. Cather's books.

They are about women in fields
carrying stuff.
I'm sure it was very edgy material
for its time.

I've heard of,
but never read,
A Room with a View.

I wonder if the View in question
is the one on the cover above.
I would prefer a more beach-y View.
But that's just me.

I'm sure many of you out there
have read our final book.
Or, if not this one,
Tom Sawyer.

So think fast,
what's your favorite
Mark Twain Moment?
I personally love the frog short story,
though I can't think of it now.
I also liked the descriptions of food
in his novels,
go figure.
I particularly liked the picnic basket meals,
because they made me want to go on picnics.