Books 226-230

I seriously need to get back to scanning.
I only have about
ten or eleven
more posts before I run out of material.
I keep saying I'm going to take an hour or two,
but then something comes up.
Or I get lazy.
Shame on me.

I kind of absolutely adore this title.

The perspective in the cover art photo
is kinda wonky
(yes, wonky),
but it's forgivable.
After all,
the Scriptwriter is writing
on a typewriter
and that just rocks.

Now, I love Phantastes.

I first read it in high school.
A friend of mine,
ordered me a copy online.
This was before such things were done regularly.
Had I known my family already owned a copy,
I might have told him not to bother.
As it is,
my copy is in storage right now.
What can you do?

I haven't read this next book,
but the name sounds really familiar.

There was a movie with the same title
that just came out in the past year or so,
I didn't see it either,
and IMDB was not that helpful.
Anyone know if this book and the movie
are related?
(Anyone else find the book's cover as tedious
as I do?)

I'm pretty sure that
if you only get
One Day of Life,
you're usually a newborn for that day.

these gentleman were miscast for this cover.
They're a few decades too old.

In my coffee over-dose delirium
I've decided
Ms. Tyler
is a fan of this blog.
After all,
she's shown up three times
in two posts.

Maybe when all of this is over
I should invite all the
highest repeat offenders
out for lunch or something.
Not that they'd know who I was or anything.
And can you imagine a conversation
Ms. Tyler,
Mr. Trudeau,
whoever is responsible for the Larousse books,
and me?
Things might get awkward.
We would,
of course,
raise a glass to
Mr. Vonnegut,