Books 221-225

For some reason
I thought Anne Tyler
had already made an appearance on this blog.
Apparently, I was wrong.
But also, apparently,
she somehow psychically knew
I would think she was already
a repeat offender
and decided to both open
and close this blog post.

I do love the title of this first book.
having never read this book,
I have no clue why the arm chair has literal wings.
Maybe the cover artist got confused
when s/he was told Ms. Tyler
wanted a winged armchair on the cover.
you'd think someone would catch
something like that.

As for this next book,
why is the "o" accented in the first "Dora,"
but not the "Doralina?"

And does anybody know what font that is?
It looks familiar,
but I can't place it.
I'm kind of bored by the rest of the cover.
There's too much angst going on there.

I also wonder if Ms. Bowen noticed
the awkward something about her title.

I'm pretty sure,
in most cases,
when a heart dies,
so does the rest of the body.
Perhaps she should have just named this novel
Got a Heart Transplant Just in Time.
These are just some of the
alternative titles I've come up with.
I could go on for awhile.

If you remember,
the Red Badge of Courage
had a red cover.
And there was a navy cover
for that dumb book that had a proper name for title.

So, what exactly is it about
Crime and Punishment
that made AMSCO people
think blue?!

As much as I loved
Ms. Tyler's
first title today,
I hate the second.

Something about
The Clock Winder
sounds wrong.
I'm sure there's a more technical,
for a person who winds clocks.
I did try to go searching for a better turn,
but after thirty seconds on Wikipedia
I got bored and gave up.

Imaginary points to whoever makes up the best term
"one who winds clocks."