Books 21-25

Sorry I was away for a few days. I was grumpy.
Now I'm not so grumpy.
So let's look at the new amazing finds on my parent's shelves.
This one is impressive:

How can you not love old Mad books?

This one gets a "big if" from me.
It looks like a book about taking photos from bad angles.
I think it's about politics, though.

Thus ends shelf one.
(Mum, Dad, shelf one is the third shelf down on the bookcase on the left closest to the windows looking out on the backyard. If you're curious, that is.)
Shelf two starts with a trilogy...

I like the cover art on these books.
Very elegant.

Sadly, I'm only posting five books at a time.
So you'll have to check back if you want to know the third's title.
Or you could make a guess.