Books 16-20

Let's start the day off with some plays.
How do they know these one's are the best?
I'd like to know how they came to this decision.

I'm not sure how this cover relates to the title,
and I didn't get a chance to read the synopsis in the jacket cover.
I just hope they wash the mangoes before they eat them.

This looks more like a sketch than a portrait to me,
but then again, I am just looking at the cover art.
Isn't it funny how publishers use font size and colors
to eliminate punctuation in titles?
I would have liked some sort of punctuation after
"Portrait of a Killer" and "Jack the Ripper."
A colon would have been good,
but even a semi-colon would have been nice.

Did this cover scan funny?
Or is the fade from blue-ish/gray to goldish-yellow
really that awkward?
God's cities always seem to be portrayed in cover art by birds.
Nobody ever uses hyraxes or komodo dragons.
I bet they feel cheated.