Books 6-10

This one I've seen a few times and wouldn't mind taking a closer look at someday:

There are a lot of language dictionaries on the shelves.
This one is just the beginning...

No clue why they have this one.
But look how young she looks:

Lot of Hebrew/Jewish-centric books, too.
I like the cover on this one:

This one cracks me up.

But, even better is it's back cover, which says:
"From Molly Goldberg to Moshe Dayan, from chopped liver to the Marx Brothers, from the Bible to the Fonz, this lighthearted, far-ranging collection of quizzes and puzzles about all things Jewish will teach the beginner and challenge the expert. It includes:
What's Kosher?
The Jewish Mother Puzzle
Jews in Sports
Yiddish: The 'SHHH!' Factor
Hi! My Name's Irving. What's Yours?
The Jewish Math Test
Israeli Trivia
What Did the Rabbi Do Today?"

Who knew Yiddish had a "SHHH!" (all in caps, just like that) factor?
I certainly didn't.
Sort of ironic the author's name isn't really Irving...