Watch This: JuNCurryAhn

Okay, so sm and I went to KCON 2016 in New York (well, Newark, but I guess it’s close) the weekend before last, and we saw SO MUCH COOL STUFF. Like, all the cool stuff. And oh my god, did I buy a lot of music afterwards. I’ll tell you, I went into KCON thinking of it as an academic experience — a look at culture, since I’ll be studying Korean dramas pretty soon — and for the price, with a whole cultural festival and two nights of concerts included, it seemed worth it. But, you know, we didn’t really know a whole lot about the bands playing. If anything, I was disappointed with the lineup, since two of the groups I really, really, really, really want to see went to KCONLA instead, and I just couldn’t justify the airfare out there. Because that would be taking it a step too far.

There were some awesome, amazing, not-enough-superlatives-to-describe-them performances in the main lineup, but first I gotta tell you about JuNCurryAhn, who is, I guess, internet famous. 

We saw this guy first when he was playing MC in a meet-and-greet with one of the headliners. He was so genuinely sweet, thanking everyone profusely for being there and waiting in the heat and reminding them to hydrate, and then we found out from a friend that he was similarly awesome on a panel (that we missed), where he was concerned about everyone’s safety during a game and so, so humble about all the people who had come out to see him. Which made us think, "Alright, we need to find out who this dude is.” 

And we did, because the wonder of KCON is that you can turn to basically anyone and say I know nothing about this [INSERT THING], and they will quite happily share EVERYTHING they can think of about that THING (or in this case, this person).  And so we learned that JuNCurryAhn is best known for making these ridiculously cool violin covers of famous songs.

And then he performed during the pre-show on the second night.

Perhaps the best way to describe his performance on Saturday is by telling you the reaction of my seat-mate. My seat-mate was a quiet, intense, frighteningly contained teenage girl, who hadn’t moved at all during the rocking performances the night before, even though everyone else was dancing around her,  and who had confided in me that she was so excited to see BTS (the headliner that night) that she wished no one else was performing so she could see them sooner. Yeah. That girl, after JuNCurryAhn finished performing, turned to me and said, “It didn’t go on long enough. I wanted to hear more.” 

And I completely agreed with her.

So, check him out. I’ve got a couple here, but go through to his page and watch all the rest. It’s worth it. Seriously, his cover of Day6's Letting Go made me shiver, it was so good! 

He performed this one on stage, complete with dancing.

And for those of you who I know won't watch kpop, here's a show tune. (If you click through to him, there's also an awesome cover of Misty Mountains from The Hobbit.

There's a ton of American pop on there too - Adele, Lorde, etc. Check it out. Seriously. Go now.