In which we discuss the reporting of the new show Meridien Hills.

It is being reported that Mila Kunis, of Black Swan fame, is developing a new CW drama called Meridien Hills, which will follow a young woman who becomes involved in the second wave feminist movement and its struggle to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) in the 1970s.

Now, there's a lot of relevant and appropriate ways this story can be discussed. One could bring up the humor in the fact that Kunis is revisiting her past, as she became famous for her character on That '70s Show. Or one could examine the fraught history of the ERA, and how it still, in 2012, has not been passed. Or one could mention some of the famous women of the time and comment on how they might be incorporated into the show, and possibly, who should be cast in those roles. There are a lot of things one could say.

And yet, this is how The New York Daily News* chose to report it:

The New York Daily News, screenshot 11/9/12 8:45pm EST

The New York Daily News, screenshot 11/9/12 8:45pm EST


Maybe it's me, but when reporting on a show that is about the feminist movement and specifically about the women's rights movement for equality and respect in the workplace, it is probably best if one refrains from interjecting the report with a link questioning the sexiness of the executive producer.


* Sorry, couldn't get the entire page in the screenshot. The title of the article is "Mila Kunis to produce TV show set in the '70s: Feminist 'Meridien Hills' to air on the CW network." Also charming, the "Other Stories" category at the bottom of the page included "Meet Miss Bumbum: Brazil gears up for annual best" and "Watch: Naked Sandra Bullock bullies Chelsea."



"Mila Kunis to Produce TV Show Set in '70s." NY Daily News. November 8, 2012. Accessed November 9, 2012.